CA-SNF-September Lightning 2023

State ID: CA
3 letter designator: SNF
Fire name: 3 lightning fires currently
Location: fire#1 Dillon IC, Hwy 41 & Jackson Rd access to 6S07 forest Rd.
#2 Poison Inc., Poison Ridge, units still responding in
#3 Blue Inc., Blue canyon Ridge/fence Meadow area, access Peterson Rd. , units still responding in

Reported acres: #1 = 40x40’ area, #2 smoke showing, #3 smoke showing
Rate of spread: slow
Report on Conditions: Dillon fire is heavy dead and down ground fire
Structure threat: Dillon=none
Resources: SNF and Calfire
Weather: over cast, some light rain, thunder storms still in area
Radio channels: SNF 172.225, a/g 41
Scanner link:
Webcam link: I believe these are too small to notice but check: ALERTCalifornia - Meadow Lakes

Agency Website:
10:00 lighting strikes:


Blue UTL… turned out to be the Poison IC. requesting a tanker and helo. Ground resources hiking in
this one has potential and is a priority so that’s why they’re requesting air resources.

New Incident E of Poison in the 1/10th of an acre in the Tea kettle experimental forest near the radio tower. Tea IC

Dillon beginning tree falling


Looking at the poison fire.


Copter 3HL is out of service landed at the Tea fire replacement is 515B in bound. Also requesting 1 additional copter and Tanker to check fire spread on one of the flanks. 1 additional engine and hand crew to respond to assist units already at scene.

Smoke jumpers inbound… unknown which fire it is assigned to, Perhaps the “east fire”…

Found at 12:00 hrs. New incident: East fire due east of the Wowona area at 37.485000, 119.374667. Under 1 acre.

Lighting strikes are moving north into the Stanislaus Forest.

Calfire had a veg. fire in the Coutlerville area about thirty ago. Contained.

update 14:50: T03 is released from the Tea Fire and AA410 is taken Poison AA.

STF has broken a new fire Groveland area A440 and A17V is enroute on AirTactics 43
Lighting Complex started with 3 starts visible.


Wow @apx8000 keep us posted on all these starts. Appreciate the good info!


All fires have been contained and are in mop up. 1 copter is working the Poison. AA15 is still watching these and is currently over a new start on the INF up along the border with SNF. Requesting some jumpers for INF incident.


With the last statement in the article stating the pilot should be ok I figured it was ok to post the information.

Thoughts are with the pilot and personnel that responded.


That’s 3HL the calfire contract ship out of Sanger. H-40 hauled them off the incident and transferred them skylife at buckeye heliport on highway 168.


some pretty intense radio traffic to listen to. pilot was ambulatory as soon as he got out of the copter but ALOC. AA really kept his head together helping coordinate getting resources in. I was impressed.


Last night several of the fires were quickly contained and the crews moved on to another fire. This morning engine and patrol crews are returning to some of those quickly worked on to check for mop up needs. A few were staffed and worked all night. I lost track of which were contained and which still required containment lines built and mopped up. But, I heard traffic late into the night about mop up on Poison Fire.

SNF Air resources frequencies for the complex:
123.725 AM
169.2875 Air Tactics
171.0375 A/G

Copter 51BH is doing bucket work


Tea contained.
Poison contained.
Fish contained.


Wonderful news @TheBrushSlasher Another win for the crews!


It’s truly amazing to watch all of you in action. Excellent work!! :evergreen_tree: :heart: :evergreen_tree:


Thursday I was listening to traffic between Div.4 and AA15 flying the forest for smokes.
Div.4 stated that all fires were declared out.
I Was mobile and busy and unable to post then.