Pretty good header showing from mule peak. I believe its part the other firing op to the north. There were two independent columns visible from mule peak yesterday.,&camera=mule_peak_4&lastFrame=true

Alder is 744 acres 3% contained.


1117 acres and 3% contained. You couldn’t get a much prescibed burn than what this wfu fire is accomplishing.


1310 acres and 35% contained.


They are starting to spike crews out on the line with this one, good luck.


1679 acres and 45% contained. The alder fire is winding down and the mountaineer fire was active today in Jacobsen creek backing downhill. The mountaineer fire is about a mile east of the alder.


2,105 acres 55% contained. Its has a lot of heat this evening. Firing ops again?


N40Y on I.R. mapping flight over the fire now.


Might be a bit of concern with the Red Flag Warning due for our and the Alder are from noon today thru 10 p.m tomorrow. Needs watching closely I’d say.


The header in the photo was from a firing op on the north side to contain the slopover in burror creek.

Another firing op is taking place on the mountaineer fire.


I spoke with the NWS a bit earlier and they told me they didn’t expect much wind activity directly on the Alder itself except to maybe bring drift smoke my way in Pine Flat and some down in the east side of the valley.


It decided to blow its top this morning as it has reestablished itself north of burro creek in mountain home state forest growing by 200+ acres to 2,903 acres and still 55% contained.


The alder grew to 3405 acres per inciweb…probably near 4000 now with this afternoons push to the north of burro creek. It will hit part of the hidden fire(2016) soon.


N40Y is on a mapping flight for the alder and Eden fires.
Its currently over the 400 acre Eden fire in Sequoia national park.


4065 acres 55% contained. It has begun its afternoon run.


N40Y just finished its mapping run over the fire and is heading back to Fox.


The alder fire is 4,653 and 55% contained. Alder, Moses, and Mountaineer fires combined 5,952 acres and 55% contained.


N40Y is over the fire on a mapping mission. We’ll have an updated map with an updated containment by tomorrow. I’m sure that the Thanksgiving storms put quite a bit of precip down over the fire.


100 % contained/dead out.


…beats raking!