State ID:CA
3 letter designator:SQF
Fire name:Alder
Location:north of sequoia crest tulare county
Reported acres:3
Rate of spread:slow
Report on Conditions:
Structure threat:no
Resources:monitoring by aircraft
Hazards:inaccessible terrain
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


Because of where it is, and the time of year, they’re probably going to let it burn and WFU it like the Indian Fire in YNP.


If thats the case i hope the wind doesn’t get ahold of it


I wonder what might happen with the expected Mono wind event that is predicted.


There is alot of fire line in that area from the pier fire.


It was starting to pick up a little steam at sunset similar to previous days.
Tomorrow will be a bit smokey in the Camp Nelson area.


They have set up a portable camera to monitor the fire.


I hope and pray that they get this one under control.


This one will likely be managed like the slate, meadow, and hidden fires a few years ago. Punch in lines way off and slowly fire the line. Prescibed burn started by lightning😉


It was fairly active through the night and getting more active now. They have plans to begin firing off lines when it hits their trigger point.


Its crankin today.


It will be at the ridge on the south western side of the Jacobsen fire soon. There has been a huge increase in fire activity in the last hour.


Looks like a perfect WFU. “Cranking” and
" huge increase in activity" has taken a fire from upper third of slope to ridge top
( near) in 5 days. Epic mosaic. Perfect for the landscape.


Its yet another good fire in an area that needs it bad.


Looks like the portable cam that was set up has been taken down maybe. It had some good shots yesterday and last night… No history showing for today (10-19). Jordan Peak #7 shows nothing but smoke…


The camera is back up…


Link to Cam:


You can see the aerial firing operations progressing starting 14:00 hours.


The mountaineer fire is also starting to show a little life. Just a small smoke east of the alder fire.


Latest Inciweb info on Alder and other fires in the immediate area…