State ID: CA
3 letter designator: STF
Fire name: ROCK
Location: Donnell dam
Reported acres: 1.5
Rate of spread: Moderate
Report on Conditions: BC 31 CREW 4 Engine 334 Patrol 31 Partrol 34 Aircraft on order
Structure threat:
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


I’m listening to “Tuolumne County Sheriff, Fire and Police” using the Scanner Radio app, you can listen to it by going to

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MW9Q (0516)
P5MW9Q 0516 Wildfire FRASER FLAT P5MW9Q 0516 1.5 BAT31 CRW4 E334 PAT31 PAT34 . 38.3291, -119.9769

From wildcad

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S-2 just flew by the house a few ago, on the way back from Donnell’s. Not hearing much about the fire. One thing I can tell you about that area from fishing it for years. The only thing flat is the surface of the lake. And that’s only a few hours a day because it gets plenty windy there.


Fire was below the dam north side of the river. LZ was about 1.5 miles from the fire. C 404, 517 and a ship from the Park(YNP). 5 or 6 acres. Crews cut line and worked the fire all day. Lot of bucket work from the ships and some drops from the S2.

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Wrong fire…

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ANF Bear Divide IHC assigned…that’s alotta firepower for “5-6 acres…”U


This ground is very steep and unforgiving. Stay safe out there.

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Dbroso is spot on. It’s also a ways back in there and the road can be a rough and a mess. To put it in perspective there is a piece of ground near the fire called Hells Half Acre. I take it the Stan shots are on assignment so it was a good call to bring another shot crew in given where the fires at…


Possible firing op? Putting up a pretty good column right now

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That’s the north grove segment 5 burn at calaveras big trees state park, looks like they got every bit of the planned 18 acres…hope they aren’t getting bonus acres.

Visible from the mt Elizabeth and strawberry cameras.


It needed to be burned. A lot of snow down, slash and debris down all over. It was looking trashy in some areas. Clean it up and get it looking healthy again. I was coming back from El Dorado hills and it was putting up a nice column. If that would of been below Donnell Dam that would of not been a good thing.

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I was at calaveras three weeks ago for a meeting and they are picking away at it, hopefully someday they can burn the sections south of the highway.

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This one is wrapped up at 10 acres.
Anf cad showing bear divide back home out of service now. Stf has 1 engine committed.

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Me thinks Stanislaus IHC is UE (unavailable - end of season)?


They just came back from Georgia they are on RnR hotshot holiday.