AA140 reporting Branscombe incident at 4000 acres

Moderator addition: fire is in the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, In Solano County, south of Farifield/Suisun .

CA New Starts 10/7/18

AA140 overhead reports 4000 acres in grass & marsh, potential for 8000 acres. Having issues w/ waterways & putting retardant in there - requesting 4 addl copters (2 type 1, 2 type 2).


AA is ordering 2 additional type 3 multiengine air tankers.


Mods this is a LRA fire with assistance from cal fire.

Should be CA-SUI-Branscombe


Tanker 82 and 83 off Columbia for this incident.


Where is SUI ?


Suisun - Solano County


I’m surprised they haven’t requested more ground resources


Thanks !!!


The area is wide open with low rolling (almost) hills and runs into marshland and the bay. Fires run fast and hot with limited mop up. Not as big of a resource draw as a similar fire in other areas or fuel models


HT-4PJ is enroute from Grass Valley


Suisun Fire Dist. They cover county area of Suisun


LNU is adding 2 crews and a Dozer 1445 to this incident.
ICP is at Grizzley Island Road.