Hawver and Gold Strike
2 fires @10acres potential for 50
San Andreas #CalaverasCounty


Fire on both sides of the road. I can’t hear much a lot of static. Hear AA releasing the tankers back to GV. He cancelled a copter. Sounds like they are getting a handle on this. Fuel type would be oak woodland and grass. Maybe a brush field or two. Lots of Digger Pines in that area.

That would be just north of San Adreas a couple miles eastside of 49.

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Yeah aircraft are being released. The static is insane

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They just released 9461C so things must be looking up. Someone gave acreage but so scratchy I hate to guess.

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Forward progress stopped

They have the new CMD 12 or something too and I think that’s the scratchy one


Update: Vegetation Fire In San Andreas |

And there you have it!

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They were lookin for a green Mercedes with a flat tire in the area