State ID: CA
3 letter designator: TCU
Fire name: PRESTON
Location: Preston Ln ax/ Seco st in Jamestown
Reported acres: 1-2 acres
Rate of spread: mros
Report on Conditions: MROS potential 10 acres
Structure threat:
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:

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10-15 acres MROS. Some structures are threatened.



#VegetationFire in Jamestown, CA (Tuolumne Co) - AA440 reports 10-15 acres w/ moderate-dangerous ROS, head will run into a road, will have structure threat if it doesn’t hold @ the road. 2 addl tankers for a total of 4. Seco St & Preston Ln.


Per: @engineco16
20-30 acres, head has bumped into a road. Right flank is the concern. If the right side doesn’t hold potential for 50-100 acres.


AA releasing the 2 additional Tankers. Calling it 20 acres with forward progress stopped.

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That area good for a fire or two a year. Right next to a big apartment complex. Fires are usually held to five or less. Looking at the cam there was a good breeze on it. Air Force and ground crews did a good job stopping it. It was not a big fire but the Sierra RR tracks run right through there, which are still in use.
For a small working Railroad Road that could of been a costly fire replacing the ties. Again, GOOG JOB BY ALL.

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