Highway 108 @ Tulloch Dam Road.
300 acres.
Minimal structures threatened.
Turkey farm barns potentially threatened a ways out front.
Was 3-5 MROS, but 300 acres in 45 minutes sounds a bit RROS. Grass and oaks.

Possibly better than Tuolumne County feed.


Requesting additional strike team of engines and 4 more dozers.
Already 3+ wt, 8+ engines, 2+ bc, 3 dozers, 2 inmate crews. 4 s2 air tankers and 2 rotors.


IC just requested additional resources: 5 closest type III’s and 4 dozers.


ST9461C Immediate need to TCU


Forward rate stopped. Good job!


Was a good stop, Sierra Northern RR infustructure was out in front of that(lots of RR ties). Beside the Turkey barns and that would of been a mess.


4 minutes ago

#TullochFire [update] at Hwy 108 and Tulloch Road, 13 miles east of Oakdale (Tuolumne County) is now 500 acres and 75% contained.