CA-TGU-Dales (Contained)


State ID: CA
3 letter designator: TGU
Fire name: Dales
Location: Highway 36 at Dales, North side of the 36
Reported acres: 50
Rate of spread: Rapid
Report on Conditions: Units on scene, multiple air tankers on order. Ran through Paynes Creek drainage and is running north at a rapid ROS. Started as road side spots.
Structure threat:
Radio channels:
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36 west of Dales Station, north side of highway, jumped the creek and now rapid rate of spread in the grasslands north of the creek Paynes Creek, west of Manton Road, east of the large gas pipeline scar and Inks Creek Road area. Tanker 94 did an IA drop coverage level 6 across the head before other aircraft made it, trying to keep it from spotting across the creek. Good attempt. I’m laid up with other commitments and tuned in mobile and/or live scanner. The scanner is in TGU mode so focused more on this incident than others. 50 acres RROS was last I heard 20-25min ago.


losing tankers to a new fire(s) in SHU, Highway 44 and Millville


the Dales fire is 100 acres or more.


Dangerous rate of spread, keeps hooking the dozer trying to put in line.


Fire is losing some steam with a firing operation off Inks Creek Road north of the fire. Still worried about the fire hooking around some sloppy anchor points on the right heel and (east) flank of the fire and losing the line. As tankers are dropping this cycle they are being put on load and holds at their respective bases. A skycrane is working the left flank with the Sac River dip only 2mi away.

Edit: all due respect to the ground pounders, by sloppy I mean terrain sloppy. Both heels of this thing are significant rock terrain, sort of a small canyon that Paynes Creek carved out, coupled with thick brush and oak along the creek before it becomes “easy” flat grass plains on top of the “canyon rim”. Both heels are still areas of concern for air attack as of 1915.


300 acres 15% contained per cal fire text


852 acres / 50% contained per CalFire incidents page


856 acres / 100% contained - 13/July