State ID:CA
3 letter designator:TGU
Fire name:Grizzly
Location:Black Butte Lake - Grizzly Flats Recreation Area
Reported acres:20-50
Rate of spread:MROS
Report on Conditions: unknown
Structure threat:none
Resources:Glenn County LRA, TGU SRA response, Copter 205
Weather: 67F, RH 21%, ENE 11G23 - RAWS at head of fire
Radio channels: TGU Local, Tac 12,
Scanner link:
Webcam link: Shasta/Modoc Round Mtn Paskenta

Very limited and remote access. Easy access limited by 15ton bridge. Dozers and large vehicles will need to access from the west side of Black Butte via Morrison Bryan Rd. and make their way down.

This is grass oak woodland with a little brush, but this is right in the thick of the famous steep up/downs featured along the entire western range of the northern Sac Valley. Brutal to chase anything down in there. Fire is down in the Stony Creek drainage area, so a bit more marsh/wet. Engines and Crews can come in from the east of Newville Rd. Dozer transports and watertenders have to go up and over and come in from the west side.


1335 Update:
Fire still holding about 20 acres, surrounded by road on 3 sides, one of which is along the rim of the aforementioned hills so hopefully keeps it out of there. Still very limited access for engines to get into the fire.

Updated location estimate based on roads and aircraft

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Per CalFire site; 50 ac/20% containment