Residential structure with vegetation. Bowman area 16985 View Drive

Eighmy and Rainbow Lake cams have it.

WX PGE Kahn Rd just north of incident. RH17, N13G24. Area is not in a PSPS here.

1448: fully involved large outbuilding, 5 acres of wildland, grass oak woodland, heavy north wind on it.


1507: Still no update to the 5 acres, but air attack requested two type 1 tankers in addition to the two S2’s he has. IC put in an evacuation warning for Sheila Road roughly from Joe Dog to Oak Valley Drive, as well as Jefford Lane. All south of this incident.

Addl type 1 and type 2 copter ordered.

1520: 15-20 acres with significant spotting, requesting 5 T3 engines, 2 dozers, 2 crews, 4 water tenders.


Sorry for no IA post, on mobile and juggling a lot.

Fire about 35 acres, looking good with retardant on right (west) flank and head. Dozers and crews making good progress. Fire entering lighter fuels. AA cancelling addl type1 copter, keeping some fixed wing in orbit.