CA-TNF-Deadwood [Was Chickenhawk/Divide, Not Deadwood RX]


State ID: CA
3 letter designator: TNF
Fire name: Deadwood (Was Chickenhawk, Initially confused with Deadwood RX rekindle)
Location: Escape from Divide RX. (Initially reported off Chickenhawk, in area of El Dorado Canyon)
Reported acres:1-2ac
Rate of spread: SROS
Report on Conditions: Minimal risk of spotting.
Structure threat:
Weather: Winds currently calm
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link: Bald Mtn
Agency Website:


Conflicting reports coming in:

Deadwood underburn has rekindle in numerous spots for 2-3 acres and 6" flame lengths, requesting ATVs to punch line around them individualy
Also possible report of fire off Chickenhawk, 1.5mi from access near Seed Orchard in private down in drainage for 1/10 ac.
Looks like it’s towards El Dorado canyon or Volcano.

Patrol unit making access, 2 engines en route from Deadwood RX

AA Requested at 0832 to help ID

Further confusion -
Now calling it the “Deadwood” Incident, but the lat/long given (39 05.88N, 120 4514W) puts it over the “Divide” underburn.

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The North Divide RX appears to be putting up good smoke again today, unclear as to if that’s intentional or not as of yet.