CA-TUU-Creek 3


Pretty sure I’ve got this right. Satellite showing increased heat signature since midnight. Looks to be along Dry Creek Rd just south of the “town” of Badger. From what I can tell it’s just west of Sequoia NP so should be TUU but Im not an expert on the DPA/FRA, etc. Would expect there to be some early up flights to investigate. Will be curious to hear what others know.

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Good morning just saw a rancher friend in Badger post about the fire. No details but from knowing where her ranch is tells me it’s SRA. Andon or near Dry Creek/Hwy245.

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Pictures posted on FB show it to be larger single family dwelling completely destroyed


If you’re basing it off of the TCFD Facebook post, that fire appears to have been yesterday afternoon and in the Exeter area which is south of where the OP is observing the satellite signature. We’ll know soon enough.


Thanks But I am following a friend who ranches near the old Synanon compound if you are familiar with that and the posts were in the dark last night