New start called in by Air6 100 acres RROS structures threatened…IC requesting 10 immediate need Alpha ST stage at freedom park

VNC Hill Canyon Rd

New fire, Ventura County, Hill Canyon Rd. Initially 1 acre, 10 minutes later 100 acres. Fire is running with the wind.


Anticipating going to the ocean, following the Spring Fire.


Hearing 3 different IC names, hill, spring and wolizy? Same fire or 3 different?


Woolsey is a different incident in LAC however there is traffic bleed over on VC as they are sharing aircraft


How far is this fire from LPF and ANF cad shows a lot of Type 3 engines available…


Nowhere close


The LPF resources in Ojai would be the closest and would be roughly 45 min normally, but that would be extended due to the existing traffic constraints.

ANF resources would be about an hour out from the Woolsey and +20-30 to the Hill


Yup I’m pretty sure there a lot closer then Kern county and Santa Barbara county etc. If im looking at this map right they too would be effected the traffic you are talking about. Out side of Ventura County Fire they would actually be the closest type 3 engines.
Is Closest resources Concept is still a thing? Or do they play red / green games still?


Actually the LPF has roughly 8 type 3 with in 35 miles of that location and the


Wildcard shows two thirds of the Los Padres Air Force assigned.


LPF H-528
LPF H-530
Casitas Kmax
ANF H-531 (night flyer)
ANF H-532

All assigned to Hill according to Wildcad


Orders are in the pipeline takes time…


It’s not a federal incident, and as far as I know not currently a threat to federal land. The feds aren’t going to clear the house knowing what’s in the forecast the next few days. With what’s happening north, and now a few new starts south, they are going to keep what they have in place to protect the interest they are paid to protect. They could send a strike team if needed, but that’s a decision left outside of this forum. Things will take place as they need to or as agencies see fit. Chill out.


State fire=state and local govt resources until the GACC is UTF


@ The_dude it’s direct threat to federal land. Santa Monica Mountians is federal land protected by NPS a federal agency. So that’s a big YES to playing the red green games. If I remember right immediate need closest resource was color blind.


SMP E-73


Any word on who’s Team is going be activated here?


Believe Calfire Team 5 has been assigned as they were on Hard Cover after Team 4 was assigned to the BTU-Camp Fire


Where is the icp and staging location.