State ID: CA
3 letter designator: VNC
Fire name: HIll
Location: Hill Canyon Road, Camarillo
Reported acres: 100
Rate of spread: Rapid
Report on Conditions: Spotted by Air Squad 6, originally reported as 1 acre, then 100 acres
Structure threat: yes
Resources: Upping the Aircraft order to 8 air tankers, 10 type 1 strike teams
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


The Helispot that VNC was using, will be impacted by fire in about 10 minutes and will be unusable.

#3 for cam on this fire…


Fire will be approaching 101 freeway shortly. Most fires with this type of wind usually are stopped at the Great Pacific fuel brake.


AA12, AT 101, 72, 73, Both scoopers from LACoFD, VNC Airsquad 6, LPF H-530

THe LACoFD resources might be going to a second incident, near the Santa Susana area.


There are 2 or 3 incidents, the Hill, the Woolizy incident and possibly another one.


Hill incident 3000 to 5000 acres evacuations to Pacific Coast Highway. 3 to 4 hours to the Pacific ocean.


The Woolsey incident is an LACoFD, but they may be sharing some aircraft.
There are vehicles being impacted by fire on the 101. The fire is already on both sides of the 101. They predict it to impact CSU Channel Islands.


KCAL9 has a live feed


IC has ordered 20 Strike Teams, unknown what type. Probably anything close.


My buddies son is there, just called his dad and said the Newberry Park fire just jumped the 101…


8 to 10K acres


Request was for Type 1’s


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