holding all tankers due to wind conditions.


From a sampling of several LIVE news feeds, it appears there are currently dozens of homes in each of many divisions, from Bell Canyon / Calabasas all the way to only one mile from the Malibu Coast fully involved now. The number of homes destroyed is officially 30, however, the number is likely to be much higher.


Afternoon MODIS



Now reports of at least 6 homes on coast side of PCH destroyed. Request submitted for rotor wing to fly in attempt to stamp out many spots occurring on the coast ahead of fire front.

City of Santa Monica lifting permit parking zone restrictions due to mass influx of evacuees arriving from up the coast.

UPDATE: 14:52 - Ventura County now ordering mandatory evacuation to Wood Ranch area west of 1st Street.

UPDATE: 15:30 - Wolsey Ops quoting ** 75 ** Outstanding strike team requests unfilled. Others piling in on top of that order are cancelling outright.


Multi structure threats, exposures protection from involved structures, burned civilians, calls from trapped home owners and requests for more engines on Mulholland dr-las virgenes rd- malibu canyon rd areas.



35,000 acres


Is LACoFD really trying to run this thing as a Type 3 incident? Haven’t heard any talk of an IMT, just seems super complex and could use the logistical support and resource capabilities of a team. Maybe CALFIRE 1 will take it since they were supposed to take the Hill, anybody have intel on that?


Cal Fire Team 5 will be taking both fires


Last I heard…Cal Fire IMT5 managing both fires in LAC/VNC. Cal Fire IMT6 pre-positioned in So Cal.


Fire is now burning in the San Fernando Valley. Mandatory evacuations for West Hills, west of valley circle, north to Roscoe and south to Vanowen.


Major impacts to Pepperdine University campus. Students being evacuated.


Here is a link to today’s Ops Map.!2018_Incidents/CA-LAC-338981_Woolsey/GIS/Products/20181110/OPS_E_size_20181110_0600_Woolsey_CALAC338981_.pdf


0700 MODIS

Large fire growth overnight near Malibu.


BC12 requesting several strike teams of engines to Corral Canyon and PCH more many high dollar home on fire and exposure threats.


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Situation 19 the Division or Branch is not requesting resources


There is growing concern over fire activity that is encroaching on structures in the vicinity of Mulholland and Decker Canyon, tight access that only patrols or T6 engines will be able to make it in


Local media just announced mandatory evacuations for the ENTIRE CITY of Calabasas