State ID: CA
3 letter designator: VNC
Fire name: Woolsey
Location: Oak Park, Simi Valley, CA – 34.20528, -118.74426
Reported acres: 10,000
Rate of spread: Rapid
Report on Conditions: NW/W/SW immediate structure & life-safety threat
Structure threat: Yes
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


Fire continues rapidly pushing west all around the Oak Park area

Evacs continue to be expanded along Kanan Rd, Westlake Blvd, and Lang Ranch Open Space areas


Fire has crossed the 101


Haven’t seen a com plan right now most updates coming from twitter and scanner that’s catching VNC CMD and LAC Blue Channels(CMD)




Detailed MODIS Map


No offense to the drawing but the Woolsey is way down SW of that drawing into oak park and around it. Plus didn’t I hear it jumped the 101 this morning?


These are heat signatures from a satellite. They can be thrown off slightly due to heat in the column, and the distance being calculated. Just gives a general idea.


Yes fire jumped the 101 at Chesboro Rd and is in direct alignment with the wind and topography, Malibu is in the direct path. RAWS station in Malibu showing sustained winds 36mph gusts over 55 and RH of 7% for almost 20hours now


Air Attack for Woolsey and Hill just requested 10 additional air tankers any type and 2 additional VLAT’s. TFR extended to the ocean


There was also an order just submitted for 20 engine strike teams to respond.


I’ve got a rough mapping of the Woolsey Fire from the satellite map of 18000 acres. It has jumped the 101 at Agoura Hills around Kanan Road. Mandatory evacs for everyone south of the 101 between SR 23 and Las Virgenes/Malibu Canyon, including Malibu.


Sounds like the fire is already to Highway 23 and Mulholland drive.


Latest webcam image from Malibu area


Wolsey Fire as viewed from Downtown LA.

Buildings in distance are Century City.


Weather Obs from Malibu Hills RAWS
RH 4%


Spotting into Malibu and fast approaching the ocean fuel break.


losing homes in Malibu


Kcal has live video