State ID:CA
3 letter designator:YNP
Fire name: Ackerson
Location: Ackerson creek Just north of hwy 120 entrance to park
Reported acres: 2 acres
Rate of spread: slow
Report on Conditions: lighting strike burning in ground fuels
Structure threat: none
Resources: STF and YNP
Hazards: MAP and Heat:,-119.8432&z=14&b=t&o=f16a%2Cr&n=1,0.25&a=mba%2Csma%2Cfire%2Cmodis_mp%2Cwxd_wspd-01
Radio channels: YNP Fire net
Scanner link:
Webcam link: maybe Duckwall might later, very hazy
Agency Website:


Also logged for lighting fires is “Toulumne” at 10:56… 40% hand line contained and the remainder wet line as of 16:45. No Lat-Long. Don’t know it’s location, just radio traffic.

North “Mountain” fire at 09:46. No lat-Long. No radio traffic heard so far, but would be easy enough to miss.

Ackerson update: 90% Lined contained. Will need mopup tomorrow.