CAL-FIRE Firehawk Program Status?


Curious as to the status of the Firehawks and when/where we may see them go in service?

Figured this would be the place to find the info that seems to be limited through other channels.



I believe the first one is scheduled to arrive at McClellan next month. It will primarily be used for training to get pilots and crews qualified on the new air frame. I would not expect to see it in service on a regular basis until late in the year if at all this year.


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SBCO Copter 964 (Blackhawk ) just left for Alabama this week to get retrofitted to a Firehawk, avionics,paint etc. Next year will be very cool.


This might be helpful


Does anybody know the final answer to whether the FireHawks are going to be bucket equipped or underslung tanks like the LA County ships? It was my understanding, perhaps wrongfully so, that the plan was going to be the underslung tank with the retractable snorkel configuration. It would appear the the new 205 is bucket equipped

CalFire C-130's

Some will be bucket equipped and some tanked - You can look at the current ships and the new ships will follow that configuration. Current 301 is tanked and the new 301 will be tanked same with 205 Current is bucket and the new 205 will bucket.

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@Mark41…I greatly appreciate the clarification.