CAL FIRE Hired Equipment Agreement


Need a little help here. CAL FIRE will start a new cycle with their Hired Equipment Rental in May 2020. Is it a yearly list that they maintain? I would assume that they inspect equipment each year to certify for that year and add new equipment each year.

Am I correct in assuming that the primary reason for a the three year period is to establish the rates for that period and that equipment is signed up each year by the local unit e.g, SHU where I live.


The 3yr period allows for changes to be made to the program. In the past, rates could only be adjusted every 3 years. The new period(May 1, 2020-April 30, 2023) will be governed by a new program, with new rules. There will be a defined sign up period each year where changes to the EERA a Supplier has can be made. There are also new requirements, new rates, and a standardization of definitions regarding time under hire. The new program also adds clarification on Insurance requirements, PPE Requirements, and modularization of common resource orders (kitchen support, showers, tents, etc). Make contact with your local Hired Equipment Coordinator where you signed up.

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Anybody have any information on when the new EERA Handbook is going to be released? There has been a couple different lines of thought, one being that the new handbook and agreements will be closely aligned to whatever the CFAA Contract outcome is and the other being that the new EERA Handbook is already completed but not posted yet. Just was wondering if anyone had any intel on that as I have had a couple of people asking about it.


What you speak of is called
The Supplier Participation Manual. It was released on the 1/14/2020 and posted on the INTRANET side
(Employee Side, behind VPN Firewall) If you make contact with your local Hired Equipment Coordinator, they should be able to email it to you.


So, the 3900 section, which was known as the EERA manual has been rolled into the Supplier Participation Manual? Previously, they were two distinct manuals. Just trying to gain some clarity there.


Prior to Chief Pimlot retiring, he required every handbook Calfire uses to be updated and made current. The Hired Equipment section was guided by the 3833, 3934, & 7761 handbooks. Those 3 have been replaced by a brand new 10,000 handbook. The Supplier Participation Manual is an exhibit within the 10,000 manual.