Cal Fire IMT COVID Procedures?


I was looking at the IAP for the Mineral Fire and the base camp map shows sleep trailers. Does anyone know how they are utilizing them and or what Cal Fire IMTs policy is? I can’t not imagine that is a best practice for mixed resources such as a single mixed local government strike team. The only thing I can think of is sleeping one entire hand crew per trailer, even then the air flow and confined space is not a good combination for COVID. I know the Fed IMT guidelines are to use hotels whenever possible, and yes I understand that hotels will not always be possible.


Agree. I wonder who they would be for?


Inmate crews maybe. With so many camps being closed may not be a Camp available for them


After accessing the ICP Map and seeing that the Sleeper Trailers are near the Med Unit I think there are there for those that become symptomatic (fever, flue like, etc.) so they are separated and and monitored until a final decision on their disposition.


They ordered tents and logistics for the camp crews within the first few hours of the fire.