CalFire ff1?


Has anyone got any call backs for a seasonal position as a firefighter 1? Also is it true that calling stations won’t help your chances?


From what I’ve seen in my unit, Captains get a list of FFs they can hire and they don’t know who they are other than what they can dig up on social media. I would suggest calling and/or setting up a meeting with wherever you want to go.


I haven’t heard anything either last info I got from riverside hiring was going to stations will not help your chances of getting hired.


Are you applying for the seasonal or returning? Rehire academies for some units are starting next week.

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Seasonal position


So, going station to station may not increase your chances, it puts a face to the name. It puts a face to the resume. And if the station thinks you will make a good firefighter, they can recommend hiring. So it all just depends on how you present yourself. You may look good on paper but the stations will see you and see if you will make it in Cal Fire.


Has anyone heard back as a non-returnee seasonal this year?


I still know some returnee buddies that have not got a start date.


I’ve heard of some weird delays and a reshuffle of the hiring system given the pandemic, has anyone heard of something similar?

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