California's first type 1 incident?


CA has its first Type One Fire for 2020… orders being placed I’m hearing. Anyone know which fire or info on this?

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Fed or State team?

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CA is up first in the national Type 1 Team rotation.

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Am I missing something here? What’s burning in the State that a Type 1 team is needed?

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Nothing, as far as I know.


Copy thanks everyone! Rumor mill I’m sure! Happy fathers day to everyone!


Well, like I said, CA is up on the national rotation. So, you never know.

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CIIMT5 - Young (Type 1 Fed Team) has been mobilized. I don’t know if this mobilization is for the Quarter Fire or preposition.


The National Sit Report this morning shows the Bighorn Incident in Arizona ordering a type 1 team off the national rotation, no doubt it is CIIMT 5.

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From OSCC News & Notes:

06/21/2020 1105 Quarter, Vegetation Fire, Tuolumne County, New
Italian Bar Rd. x Grant Ridge Rd., Twain Harte
Federal DPA, FRA, Stanislaus National Forest
Start time: 06/20/2020 1958

  • 15 acres, brush and timber, 0% contained
  • Slow rate of spread
  • 78 degrees, 34% RH, wind SSW @ 4, Gusts to 8
  • CA IMT1 order pending
  • Fire in remote location with difficult access
  • Evacuation warnings in place for the community of Cedar Ridge
  • Multiple structures threatened

Emphasis mine.


The Quarter Fire had an order for a Type 1 Long Team in IROC that shows cancelled and a Type 1 Short Team that’s pending. But it looks like they released all the tankers on that fire so probably will be cancelled I assume?