Can A Volunteer Be Ordered as a Single Resource


Hi all - I’m new to this forum. Little background on my firefighting experience. Dalton Hotshots 79, Tahoe Hotshots 85, Redding Hotshots 86. Highest qual Strike Team Leader Crew.

I was out in the Delta and Hirz Fires for 7 weeks as REAF and FOBS(T).

Moving to Whitmore, CA and going to join the Whitmore VFD.

My FOBS PTB is complete and signed off by WNP FMO.

My question is can I go in ROSS as a FOBS and be dispatched through Whitmore VFD?


I’d say that’s TBD with that particular AB moving it’s way through legislation and the state of the CFAA.


I would assume you have to go through CICCS in your Op/Area


It would depend on the CICCS committee.

CICCS position requirements don’t say anything about employment/volunteer status. I was qualified as an Engine Boss through my volunteer agency which was accepted by my full-time department.


I have ordered and received a qualified ICS position that was filled by a Volunteer as recently as 2018. I think it depends on your agency’s qualifying process. This individual was qualified in their position by CICCS and was a volunteer Battalion Chief.

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Yes, the agency doesnt matter if its paid or volunteer. As long as you are part of an agency that you can receive payment through. You cannot be a single resource without being a part of some type of agency because you need an avenue to recieve payment. Like others have said, you just have to get into ROSS in your Op area, either by going through the local CICCS for that Op area or if you are already in ROSS, you’ll need to transfer your current qualifications into your current Op area.