Cant post in thread.


The site is saying I can’t post because I have three consecutive replies to the thread and no else has replied.

This thread.


try now. We have never run into that issue before so I’m not sure how we remedy it.
WIll look into it here soon.


Working now, thanks.


Thanks to all the mods for doing what you do to help members.



This happened to me again yesterday in the sugar q and d thread.


What happened?


It’s says I can’t reply 3 consecutive times someone else has to reply or i need to edit second post.


@7hills @fire_geographer
We will have to look at how to rectify this issue. It may be a setting that we can work on behind the scenes.

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This is still an issue, I tried posting an update on the briceburg fire but luckily I was able to edit my previous post.


I sent a message to Admin in order to fix this issue.

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