CO-CTX-Spring Creek (was Spring)


State ID: CO
3 letter designator: CTX
Fire name: Spring
Location: 9 miles NE of Ft. Garland, CO
Reported acres: 38136 as of the IR flown 6/29 at 2158
Rate of spread: Yesterday’s growth was over 14,000 acres.
Report on Conditions: Extreme fire behavior: crowning, long range spotting, wind-driven runs
Structure threat: Structures lost. Several communities threatened. Evacuations, road, area and trail closures in effect.
Resources: 4 crews, 18 engines, 7 helicopters per this morning’s sit report
Weather: Continued hot, dry, and windy conditions forecast for Saturday.
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This fire started on Wednesday, June 27. By Thursday morning, it was over 4000 acres. IR Thursday night put it at around 24,000 acres, and it grew another 14,000 acres as of Friday night’s IR. Greer’s Type 2 IMT taking the fire.

IR Map:

WIldfire Today reported on it early on:


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No good IR data from last night due to cloud cover. 10 crews, 32 engines, 7 helicopters, 0% contained per the sit report. IMT 2 (Greer) and IMT 2 (Esperance) are the teams managing the incident.


Fire has grown to over 100K acres!!!