CO-PSF-Weston Pass?

New start yesterday on the Pike-San Isabel National Forest. Type 1 IMT already ordered.

From this morning’s sit report:
“IMT 1 (Pechota) mobilizing. Nine miles southwest of Fairplay, CO. Timber and brush. Active fire behavior with crowning, torching and wind-driven runs. Numerous residences threatened. Evacuations in effect.”

1300 acres, 6 crews, 3 engines, 12 helicopters.

Anyone have more info?

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4138 acres according to last night’s IR.

6 crews, 3 engines, 12 helicopters, 3 structures lost, 0% contained per the sit report.

IMT 1 (Pechota) mobilizing for the Chateau fire. They will also be managing this incident.

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