NEW: Buffalo (CO-WRF) 2 miles W of Silverthorne, CO. (39 37 25N x 106 06 37W) Est. 7 acres. In Spruce/Fir with high rate of spread-torching, spotting. 2 Airtankers, 1 Lead, 1 Air Attack, 2 VLATs, 3 T1 Helo, 2 T1 Crews ordered and en route. #BuffaloFire #Silverthorne


Our estimate of the fire area and location.



UPDATE: Buffalo (CO-WRF) 2 mi W of Silverthorne, CO (39 37 25N x 106 06 37W) Est. 91 acres. RMA Type 2 IMT (Esperance) has been ordered.


The burn area as of this morning from KUNC


#BuffaloFire refugees, hang tight. We know it’s inconvenient to be evacuated, but there’s still active fire close to homes, and the wind is picking up. We have crews and helicopters working to cool hotspots, but we really have your safety foremost in mind in keeping the evacuation in place. We promise we’ll let you back in for good as soon as we are confident that you won’t be put in danger.