Contract saws


Hello folks, I have a few questions that perhaps y’all can answer. I’ve been wondering how I would go about getting a contract for either repairing chainsaws at camp, or maybe go into the contract Faller side of things, any pointers would be appreciated.


Where are you located? And we can direct you to either the Hired Equipment Coordinators near you for Calfire or the Contracting Officer for USFS

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I’m in Kern county if that helps any?


You would want to make contact with the Hired Equipment Coordinator for Tulare Unit as they administer the SRA Contract for Kern County.

As for the Forest Service side, I believe that would be the Sequoia National Forest


Hi . Hope all is well … My fist question is are you a professional timber faller ? Do you know how to safe as possibly fall burnt out snags that can be 6-7 feet through 160 +feet high and dangerously compromised. Can you Run tree jacks , buck on the side of a steep mountain and have the experience not to get somebody else killed ( your falling boss may not have much experience actually falling trees) ? Not trying to be a jerk but I have seen many tree service guys that cut residential trees ect come out on the line and buckle. No place to learn on the job .