Has anyone heard if Cal Fire will be shutting down the COA/FFA academy due to the Coronavirus?


The most recent direction is that they will continue.


If understaffed when the fires hit then they will be criticized.

Kinda damned if you do damned if you don’t

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We are considered essential to the mission. We will continue with the current academies and the HFEO as well. We were told they are only looking 30 days out at a time. They have cancelled all the week long classes. The last ECC class will be leaving Ione this Friday 3/20. As of right now there are only three people that could potentially cancel us: Thom Porter, Gavin Newsom and Trump. As long as they keep asking, the Training staff will keep telling them we are essential. As far as quarantine and lockdown goes…that probably won’t happen (unless someone here in campus gets sick, then that’s a whole different story) Other than the non-essential stuff, things will continue as normal.


I know that there is currently scheduled IROC (the New ROSS) training next week in Redding as well, and we are sending folks to that… selective closures. The machinery still has to grind along, albeit with a few breakdowns along the way! This is and will always be a part of our business, what drew me into the fire service and kept me there for 40 years. Every day is a new day, and you never know what it will present. Never a dull moment! Be safe, peeps.


This came out yesterday regarding this years R-130 and WCT. In my opinion a good work around. Not perfect, but what is. Only thing I am not sure of is how this applies to our contractors.
Adjustments to wildland fire preparedness activities for the 2020 fire year in response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic_Signed.pdf (377.6 KB)

FMB Memorandum No. 20-001 Adjustments to Wildland Fire Preparedness Acti…pdf (240.0 KB)

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Any information from CALFIRE on CWN fire line safety card extension ?

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Yes, Letter have been sent out outlining what will be reqiured in the interum


Copy. Thanks


Did you get the email? It should have gone out recently about extending for one year or until classes are available.


Yes I did. Must have a 2019 card to extend 1yr or until 2020 class if available. If no 2019 or 2020 card then will not be called.


Any mention of alternate plans for COA/FFA? Assuming just delay FFA but An alternate COA seems necessary as we head into Fire season.


The letter I have addressed only CWN contractors

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The USFS letter applies to AD and Contractors. If you had a Red Card issued for 2019, it will be valid thru this year.
BLM sent out a 2020 Directive that is basically the same for this year.
BLM Directive:
BLM0020754 - signed - Training for 2020 Fire Season with COVID.pdf (669.8 KB)

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Something to watch.


I for one would not like to see this thread to drift in a political direction


If it does it does. Leadership matters, and politics have a huge effect on everything from how public employees are paid, to health care, disaster management, and everything else.


The article relates to wildland firefighters and other emergency personnel. I am not promoting any political party or any individual political candidate.

Just because Democrats want to negotiate hazardous pay during a pandemic doesn’t mean anyone will listen or that it’s even a good idea. However more importantly Feds and their families should know what is being discussed.

Did you have another comment JLW?



Truly, there shouldn’t be a pay differential between hazard pay and what used to be considered regular pay any longer. The personnel on duty are available as “All Risk” responders, which by definition places those personnel in hazard duty status. It is my perspective that all duty personnel should be paid at one rate, which would be commensurate with the hazard pay schedule. If this legislation is a pathway to get the Federal personnel to that level, I am all for it.

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Respectfully no further comment :us:

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