Coulson C-130 Crash in Australia-LODD

Three Americans killed in plane crash while fighting Australia’s wildfires via nbcnews - full link below.[Coulson Tanker ]

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Not sure if you guys have heard yet but a buddy just sent me this link. Don’t know any details yet.

The crew members have been identified. RIP


RIP fellas. 2 of the guys were servicemen prior to taming the dragon.

Allow us to look over you…as you looked over us.:pensive:


For those not inclined to read NTSB reports (or, in this case, ATSB reports) Juan Browne has a fantastic and heartbreaking breakdown of the crash.

Even if you’re not aviation-minded these reports are a great insight into how things can quickly go sideways, and I really encourage people to check out NTSB reports on aviation incidents in the emergency services world.

And subscribe to the @Blancolirio channel. His content is consistently top notch!


Juan also has a great interview with Cal Fire S-2 pilot Abbie Crews on his channel.