CoVID19 and IMT deployments


How long do you think before D.C. gets the idea to start deploying IMT’s for the outbreak?


Just think, we could roll into a fire assignment with teams already deployed…area command anyone…lol

carry on

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If field hospitals are built and put in service, I could see IMTs getting used for logistical support.


I know CAL FIRE San Diego Unit’s Type 3 IMT just got activated for the CoVID19 outbreak down there


what will their responsibilities be?

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Out Type 3 Team in LBC has been up and running for 2 weeks. Logistical support as well as oversight for the uptick in related responses. Lots of contingency planning as well as setting trigger points for issues in and around the City. Partnering with City Departments and incorporating them into our City Plan.

Our JIC has been in full swing in working with our Public Health Dept and the community to educate and lower the community’s anxiety.

It’s been an experience to say the least. A lot of the out-of-the-box planning for a medical incident.


NIMO reportedly inbound to R5 and National Area Command Teams reportedly going somewhere.


Information on the Area Command Teams

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Some forests now are ordering firefighters to work at home. This can change, decision currently based on lack of fire danger.


Type 1 IMT (Short team) Allen
COVID -19 Response

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Status of NW IMTs at present:

Portland NIMO (IC Day): R5 COVID Support, Vallejo, CA

ODF Team 2 (IC Cline*): Oregon COVID Support–OEM Emergency Coordination Center, Salem, OR

OSFM Team (IC Yocum): COVID Support–Oregon Health Authority, Portland, OR

OSFM Team (IC Lighty): COVID Support–King County, WA

PNW 2 (IC Allen): COVID Support–WA EOC, Fort Murray, WA

NW 13 (IC Gales): COVID Support–Spokane Health Authority, Spokane, WA