Dear DOI and USDA


There are certainly alot of statistics that you folks love to throw at our Fire Fighters on a yearly basis. We got to learn about disciplinary statistics, work place rape statistics (That had nothing to do with the agency), government credit card abuse statistics, diversity statistics, safety statistics and of course suicide statistics. For being such good statistician’s , have you been following the numbers of your fire fighters leaving the agency for City, Municipal, County and State positions? Have you? Just take a look at Region 5 FS. How many people are you losing to PGE/CAL Fire and other Agencies willing to take care of their employees? Did you know you’re losing Hotshot Supts / Captains Engine Captains , Aviation personell and people dropping their federal career even being 2 years to retirement? It’s 2020 and a GS-04 on a Hotshot Crew is making how much right now? The mental and physical demands do not meet their pay. Not even close. Did you know when your employees get hurt you tell them to call Workman’s comp and that there on their own? So after working these guys to the Bone and getting them hurt they are discarded to a broken system to navigate the legal structure just to try and get treated. Did you know, because of your current hiring practices you have been ruining programs and there are holes everywhere? Did you know those holes are being filled with bottom of the barrel can’t spell can’t read can’t speak candidates? All your professional employees are leaving at an alarming rate. I see people in roles that don’t belong only because they had no one else to pick. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. -Signed by Quit Yesterday. See ya.

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Easy. AG Learn.


-PBS -Stand up for each other training USDA - LAPC training -Yearly USDA Disciplinary report. Go ahead. It’s all there.

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