Descending order of Posts

Is there a way to change the descending order of the post from initial post first (on top) to latest post first (on top)?


We are still looking into it, but at this time we don’t think there is a way to do that.
You can though click the blue slider on the right hand side of the screen and pull it all the way down to quickly navigate to the bottom.
On the cellphone you can click the little white box that shows the number of posts and it will bring up the sliding bar for you to be able to pull it down to the last post.

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This was going to be my suggestion too. Time to revisit with the large fires and long screens. Please arrange so that newest posts are on top. It’s a pain to scroll through 836 messages and wait for it to load to get to what’s happening now. Thanks

If you click on the time or minute it will bring up last post.

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You can also set any topic to “Watching” for notifications. This will send you an email (of the latest post) to your user email.
I have set up, for CALDOR, when I get an email in my google account it sends me a text to my cell phone as well.

I agree with Chaparral’s reply from Jul '18, use the blue scroll bar for very fast scrolling through a long timeline. And if you visit with a registered username and password, it should remember where you last read in the forum and start you off at that point. So I step away and when I return, the system knows I haven’t checked on the Dixie thread since 12 messages ago and when I click on the thread, it takes me straight to the spot where I left off, with just 12 to read/catch up on.

Personally in most cases, I want to read in that order to help build context for what is current. If I want to skip to the end, click the time reference at the bottom of the blue scroll bar.