Disaster Declaration - DENIED

Hmm… I am not sure whether this was an FMAG request that was denied - likely so.

While I am not in the know as much as many of you - I don’t think I can remember an FMAG denial?

Or is the disaster declaration being discussed here different?

This was not an FMAG, this was for FEMA disaster funding.


Thanks - still surprising though…

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It seems like a very poorly written article and not really researched all that well. To suggest that the Creek Fire is largest in State history is just nonsensical and nonfactual. Secondly, each major incident would have it’s own FMAG request and subsequent approval or denial. What it sounds like from this article is that Newsom is attempting to lump several FMAG(s) into a single Major Disaster Superfund, which would conceivably encompass many if not all of the major fires across the State. That approach is very risky as the funding tracking becomes nigh unto impossible over the lifecycle rather than getting funding for each FMAG which then can be tightly monitored and controlled.


FMAGS do get denied every year. Anyone can sign up for the daily FEMA Operations briefing that is emailed daily at 0700 Pacific time. You can see what FMAGS are approved and which ones are denied amongst a number of things FEMA reports on.


I’ve seen a number of FMAG denials, for a variety of reasons where the fire doesn’t meet some pretty specific requirements of the program, or the request is placed too late. A request for a presidential declaration is different, and also requires that very specific requirements be met. I believe that includes a certain level of uninsured property loss and other things, so it’s not unusual to have a “disaster” that doesn’t meet the requirements of the program to qualify. Happens routinely with hail storms, tornadoes, and other kinds of disasters.


An update on this matter, as of just a short while ago, the Major Disaster Declaration has been approved.


Largest fire that is from a single ignition is the claim by CALFIRE, the request encompassed 6 fires and it was denied a lot phone calls to Washington started happening.


The Ranch Fire remains the largest single ignition fire at 410,203 acres.