Display Processor????...FOBS


I have been looking at trying to find a FOBS class in California as this is an area of interest for me. The few classes I have come across are FOBS and Display Processor. I have not heard of that position and a google search comes up empty on my end. Can someone let me know what a Display processor does, thanks.


Don’t know if this helps any… but when I took the classes several years ago, the two were given together, with most of the emphasis on the FOBS position. The DPRO has to do with mapping data entry in fire camp, charting collated info from different sources. There have been several incidents where I was offered the spot once assigned FOBS, I was more a feet on the ground kinda guy, not a desktop geek.

There was a new (then…) Cal-Fire program that was being used, tracking people on the ground with some sort of a GPS type system. I never paid much attention, as again, I didn’t have an interest in Big Brother keeping tabs on my movements.

Probably someone out there that can give you a better description than I.


Cool Thanks, Yeah Boots on the ground here, not looking for a Desk Spot…maybe someone else has more insight too, thanks


Here’s a link to the TB:


Cool Thanks…so “the Map guy”, I guess since the FOBS may relay info to the MAP guy it is good to know what his job entails too.


Depending on the number of FOBS/ DPROs assigned, you may be pulling double duty. Posting maps, IAP’s, etc… before the op briefing and then heading out to the line for your “boots on the ground” assignment. It’s a pretty fun job if you like getting out there and doing it.


Display Processor was originally a cartography job - before map plotters and GIS was common on fires, they’d come up with one map for the next shift, and the Display Processor would copy the lines by hand onto individual topo maps.
Rocky Opliger’s Type 1 Team still rolls with a Display Processor - their DPRO helps compile all of the GPS data and line from the FOBS onto a huge ‘Situation Map’ in the ICP. His team is really dialled in how they deal with Intel.
One non-traditional way to get a lot of your FOBS taskbook signed off is to take FEMO (Fire Effects Monitor) assignments on prescribed fires. It is the same taskbook, except for a few wildfire-specific tasks. There are several prescribed fire training exchanges (TREX) around the country, and they are run as Type III incidents. Generally 12 days, and you can work on other taskbooks like firing boss or RXB while you are out.


Is the FEMO class different from s-244? How would you get tied into the training, would that be on on time or they would request for those through ROSS? The FEMO doesn’t excite me as much as the FOBS. Thanks for the great info everyone. Now I just need to find a class close to me in the center of the state in CA.


Check out the Northern California Prescribed Fire Council online, and also, the Mid-Klamath Watershed Council. Both run TREX events in the fall. I don’t know if FEMO requires a class.


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