Don't know if I can post this here? Looking for contract Dozer water tender work


Class A license. Transport experience. Current fire card. Looking for contractor that’s needs a operator or water tender operator have tank endorsement on my class A. Can travel


I hate to say this because I never want to discourage anyone from seeking employment, but most of the CWN Contract holders are already going to have their staff on-board already. CalFire used to post their rotation list of CWN providers on their website but they have removed that link this year.

Probably your best course of action at this moment, is begin getting your name circulated within your local area in the water truck and equipment community. They will generally have an idea of who is an established CWN (Call When Needed) provider for either CalFire or the USFS Region 5.

For next year, if you haven’t found anything, start early, January/February timeframe and get your name out there in the CWN community. They will certainly want to have a look at your certs. and experience so it might take a bit.


For CAL FIRE, there is no more rotation for dozers or water tenders. Its closest resource now. That’s why the list was removed.


Yes, that is correct, I deliberately left that out as the OP was looking for information and I didn’t want to delve too deep in the weeds

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I run a dozer for a contractor. CalFire and USFS CONTRACT. nothing yet. More looking to go to Arizona/Nevada. My regular employment cut me to 26 hrs in 2 weeks


Good, bad or indifferent, depending on your particular circumstance, there hasn’t been a significant need yet for much CWN ordering in CA. That is highly likely to change, but it’s a strange decade in 2020.

On a personal note, it’s a difficult year and very sorry to hear about you being so drastically cut back. I hope you will be able to find work and do wish you the very best in this very trying time.


I understand that. Just trying to get on something to pay the bills.


Weeds burn. I just live what I do helping save what I can


Love not live


Best of luck to you Scott. I hope things work out.


You’ll probably have better luck here in CA. I know they do things a little bit different in R3 and they don’t use dozers as much. Send me a private message and depending on where you live I might be able to connect you with one of my many contacts.


Where are you located?


I’m in Rancho Cucamonga CA. Southern California


Rancho Cucamonga