Error 429 Too Many Requests


I got this error for the first time today. I always visit with the link to the newest posts in all forums and mouse wheel click the ones that interest me to give the larger ones with pictures time to load while I read the more texty ones. Well I got this error message today. I had only clicked maybe 6 or 8 threads, not out of the ordinary for me. They eventually all loaded OK.


I am getting it too, I think it is the first real high traffic day possibly. Server may be struggling.


Yup, looks like this site is off and running…Been getting the same as you guys.


It is an Average Day usage-wise, so the errors are peculiar. No obvious spike in activity. We are digging into it.


I am getting it as well but if I refresh or try again I can usually get on the site.


I just got it again, this time I only clicked on two topics. Ironically I got it on this topic. I thought this new site was supported by AWS and not supposed to do that? Then again I guess Amazon has problems too.


I get it on my phone but not my laptop.


I have gotten all of them on hard wired ATT connection, I almost never look at it on a phone, my eyes don’t like it.


On my phone and laptop had to refresh several times


Soo. Errors. We are going to increase everything - instance size, rate limits, connection pooling etc. We’ll wait until traffic dies down tonight. Currently 200 active users.


Thx. Gang…