FEMA Hurricane Dorian


R-3 IHCs assigned: Heber, Globe, Mesa, Navajo
Not sure where they are operating or staged out of.


wow thats all risk baby. Can we reclasify these guys? Forestry tech my ass.


Probably staging for saw work or supporting Receiving & Distribution Centers.
I don’t know…I was at TX- Columbia Shuttle Recovery, MS- Deepwater Horizon & NY-Hurricane Sandy and I never felt I was working outside of my job description.


Same here Katrina 3 tours and 1 shuttle recovery. FS Fire can bring a lot of horsepower and organization to large scale incidents. That’s why we are the lead for ESF 4 of the stafford act. We are not just ditch diggers as the FS leadership thinks.


“We are not just ditch diggers as the FS leadership thinks.”
I don’t know - gridding for tar balls on the Gulf Coast coast or metal parts in West Texas made ditch digging look pretty good at the time!

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R-5 SOPS IHCs assigned: Arrowhead & Golden Eagles.
Also R-8 IHC Jackson IHC assigned