I know there was a post about it awhile back, but no answers were really given…

Curious to see what packs guys/gals are using for line medic/Emt assignments.

If it’s a “whatever my agency gives me” model, that too ha!

Thanks in advance

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I have the Mystery Ranch HOT RATS. Great brand, very comfortable. They have a newer pack out now as well. Highly recommend anything from them.

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My agency uses the wolfpack usar pack that clips onto the webgear, you need two of them to carry everything but we always go as a team and the emt carries all the bls stuff and the medic has all the als stuff. The weight ends up being about equal.

I personally have a true north and mystery ranch crew pack which I can fit all the als gear into so I usually just use that since I typically leave the truck and go hiking with the crews or volunteer to be sent to the spike camps.