FF2 offers/calls 2021

Use this thread for Cal Fire FF2 hiring chatter


Nothing yet…

Do you guys know if there going to do a mass. Hiring for ff2 this year

If you are on the list, you got a letter that explains hiring.
5 rounds
1st round was in Jan
2nd round should be occurring

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Any word on having Perm FF2 on hand crews or state engines?

I mean I believe ff2s are predominantly on schedule A engines sometimes B. and the crews are called “ff1” crews so I believe all the ffs will be ones. I know there were talks of maybe having an FAE go on the crews but who knows.

No real talk of FF2s on the hand crews… Per the BCP, there are spots for FAEs on each of the FF1 crews.


Round 2 starts today hopefully they make lots of calls today


Hopefully. Nothing yet lol. What units you apply to?

I applied everywhere in south ops and most of north ops, rank 3.

Has everyone heard people getting job offers this round.

Haven’t heard anything yet, I was rank 1

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