FFI Rehire academies / Operating impacts due to Covid 19


Was wondering if any one has any insight on how the units are planning on running their rehire academies? With the desire to have separation/masks/etc. Operational curiosity mainly, but other related info would be welcome. Not sure if any rehires have taken place/gone out yet.

I’ve read anecdotes about the impact it is having on crews, nothing yet though about FF1 academies.


On the Forest Service side, a document has been circulated about how to onboard a new or returning Firefighter at home.

Fairly detailed process.


1 week rehires done at perspective stations is what I’ve seen so far


Work in progress.
Staggered tasks. Groups of 10
Group 1 paperwork day 1
Group 2 practice day 1
Group 3 gear day 1
Rotate by day/group. Finish in 3 days unless retakes/remedial training required. If the unit has space. Will do more than 3 groups otherwise it will be M-W & Thur-Sat for the units with large rehires


Some units are just holding it at the station level. 3 Days in whole. How it should be. IMO.