Fire history map Woolsey vs 93 Malibu fire


Curious if any one has any over lay maps of the 93 Malibu fires vs the Woolsey and Springs Fire.


It burned in 07


It did burn in 07, but also had a major fire in Nov 1993, which was a few days after Laguna Beach’s major fire. The 93 fire burned to the ocean as well.


Are some people forgetting that most of these foot prints and travel paths have been repeated many times in the last 100 years?


Most Firefighters know it, but the overlay maps paint a great picture on how they repeat themselves. That being said, my guess is they will rebuild and it will happen again!


100% It will happen again


My first strike team was the 93 Malibu Fire, and I can’t tell you how many time I’ve seen the same dirt in that area over the year on fires,