Fire shelters

Anyone know what year Fire Shelter is now required on fires ?
I heard many are getting rid of pre 2006 shelters and buying newer ones , but I hadn’t heard if it’s required to do that . I haven’t heard of any new shelter that was developed and required after 2006.


In Cal Fire’s “Equipment Manual for Hired Vendors” on page 30, it states that the shelter needs to be an USFS approved fire shelter. If you have a shelter in a yellow case, it is most likely a first generation shelter. “New Generation Shelters” come in a blue case and are little bigger. They have a rounded top as apposed to the old generation shelters that look like a triangle. You never want a shelter that comes in an orange case. That could be a training shelter…


There has been discussion and some memos out that Model 2002 (“new style”) fire shelters manufactured pre-2006 should be replaced by newer ones because of design improvements. However, my understanding is that it is not yet mandatory, just advised, due in part to the fact there aren’t enough available to replace all of them in service. See and Shelter – Fire, Complete, M2002 | NWCG

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