Fire whirls / tornadoes / vortecies


That was the Eagle Fire in LMU around 1989. There was a full length video that showed the whole event up through the burned FFs being air transported by C 202. The video was a training video used for years as part of a series of near Miss/ fatality fires. Every CDF station at the time was issued the series on VHS tapes. Maybe some exist or have been converted to a newer format.


Heres a time lapse from the Oroville area I believe last year.


As you guys have seen many times fires can make their own weather.


Notice how the storm swirl is clockwise, unlike a hurricane’s counter clockwise rotation.

Wildland 8


This one appears to have a counter clockwise rotation

Wildland 8


Also the one for the canyon fire is rotating clockwise.


This is pretty nuts –


I could think of a few other adjectives to add to that as well based on intelligence and human factors…but interesting fire Behavior for sure!