FL-Hurricane Ian-??

Any word on what FEAM/FED IMT are heading to Florida for Ian?

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This is what had happened as of this morning.

The White IST and a Federal Search and Rescue Coordination Group are operational in Orlando, Florida. Three Type 1 US&R task forces, VA-TF1, VA-TF2, and OH-TF1, are in Miami. Two Type 3 US&R task forces, TX-TF1 and IN-Tf1, are in Pensacola.

The state of Florida has also activated its IMT to manage the incident. Two Type 1 task forces, FL-TF1 and FL-TF2. Four Type 3 SUSAR teams, FL-TF4, FL-TF5, FL-TF7, and FL-TF8. All their state water rescue teams have also been activated to support the efforts.

The US&R branch is coordinating contingency plans based on the status of this event and the possibility of additional resource requests.


The NCR Type 3 AHIMT was deployed to FL through an EMAC request a couple of days ago. The previous week they were at the National Emergency Training Center going through the Beta test of the USFA/NFA R325, National Tier Assessment Exercise, a four day course and exercise combination covering subjects that teams may be faced with at a national disaster. Some of the subjects are:

  • Volunteers and Donations
  • Commodity Distribution
  • Community Lifelines and line of effort
  • Emergency Sheltering and Temporary Housing
  • Debris Management
  • Developing Incident Objectives and Appropriate Strategies on National Tier Deployments
  • Managing an Incident Within the Framework of a Federal Disaster

The exercise is part of the developing and implementation of the 3-Tiered Preparedness System for Type 3 AHIMTs.

The NJ State Type 3 AHIMT was deployed under ESF#4 and sent to PR. They are being used as part of the Supplemental Response Team concept by FEMA.


Add to that the CO and MT Type 3 AHIMTs were deployed under EMAC to Florida. It’s reported that one Type 1 IMT and four crews are assigned, probably from the SACC area. but I haven’t heard or seen it verified.

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From the FEMA Morning Briefing this morning:
FEMA / Federal Response:
Region IV:
o RRCC at Level I, 24/7, with all ESFs and DCE
o IMAT-1 deployed to FL EOC; IMAT-2 deployed to Ft.
Lauderdale, FL
o LNOS deployed to FL and GA
 Region III:
o RRCC at Level II, day shift, with all ESFs
o LNO deployed to MD
o IMAT deployed to VA
 Region VIII: IMAT deployed to Miami, FL
 Region I: IMAT deployed to Region IV (Atlanta, GA)
 Region VII: IMAT re-deploying to Region IV by 6:00 p.m. Sep 29
 HQ:
o NRCC is fully activated 24/7, w/all ESFs, LNOs
o National IMAT White re-deployed to FL EOC
o Elements of National IMAT Blue deployed to FL
o US&R White IST and Federal Search and Rescue
Coordination Group operational with the Florida Forest
Service Gold IMT in Orlando, FL
o Type 3 US&R teams VA-TF1 and VA-TF2 conducting recon in
Punta Gorda, FL; OH-TF1 and IN-TF1 relocating to Busch
Gardens-Tampa Bay, FL; TX-TF1 enroute to Gainesville, FL;
PA-TF1 deploying in Columbia, SC by 12:00 p.m. ET Sep 29
o National Responder Mobilization team established a
Personnel Mobilization Center (PMC) in Dallas, TX; GA PMC
Annex to be established Sep 29
o HHS: DMAT deploy to Miami, FL

State / Local Response:
 FL EOC at Full Activation; Governor declared a state of
emergency; Emergency Declaration FEMA-3584-EM-FL
approved on Sep 24; Major Disaster Declaration FEMA-4673-
DR-FL approved on Sep 29
 AL EOC at Monitoring (TC Ian)
 GA EOC at Full Activation (TC Ian); Governor declared a state
of emergency
 SC EOC at Partial Activation; will go to Full Activation on Sep
30; Governor declared a state of emergency
 NC Governor declared a state of emergency
 VA EOC at Monitoring (Hurricane Ian); Governor declared a
state of emergency

Lifeline Impacts (NRCC SLB Sep 28, 6:00 p.m.)
Safety & Security
 Mandatory & voluntary evacuations in FL for 21 (+3)
Food, Water, Shelter
 196 shelters open with 10.6k occupants
 FL ordered 2.1 million meals and 2.6 million liters of water
from FEMA; 1.1 million meals and 1.5 million liters of
water received, remainder to be delivered pending poststorm impact
Health and Medical:
 176 of 4,388 healthcare facilities across FL evacuated,
additional evacuations being assessed
 Generators and emergency power restoration teams prestaged. Fuel contracts activated with fuel pre-staged in GA.
 FL: 2.17 million (20%; peak 2.5 million) customers without
power (DOE Eagle-I as of 7:15 a.m. ET)
 9 airports closed; 777 cumulative flights cancelled
 25 ports closed, 3 open with restrictions
 8 railways closed; numerous interstate Amtrak and
Northern Southern schedule cancellations and