Forum Layout



It is important to think about which category your topic of discussion belongs in before posting.
The forum is divided into a few major categories:

1. Discussions By Region:

There is a category for each GACC region for discussions regarding fires or other incidents within those regions. Within each regional category there are 3 subcategories :

  • Initial Attack - For information regarding fires in the first burning period or short-lived fires. Note: Very small fires or fires with very little information should be posted in the Questions/Discussions subcategory. A template will appear whenever you make a new topic within an Initial Attack subcategory.
  • Continuing Fires - For incidents that are going to be significant and got moved from the Initial Attack tag after the first burning period.
  • Questions/Discussions - For questions about fires in the region or off topic discussions such as “Calfire looking at C-130 tankers”

It is important to think about which subcategory your new topic belongs in.

2. Hazard Mitigation:

A category for discussions about techniques or tools to help mitigate fires.

3. Fire Weather

A category for discussions about upcoming weather that could be potentially hazardous.

4. General Discussion:

A category for discussions or questions that are not specific to any region.

5. Help:

A category for help regarding the forum. Post any questions you have and someone can reply with suggestions.

Forum Navigation

While navigating the forum you will see 2 dropdown menus near the top of the page. The first menu allows you to quickly navigate through the main categories outlined above… The second dropdown allows you to quickly select your desired subcategory (Initial Attack, Continuing Fires, or Questions and Discussions.)

These menus allows you to quickly navigate between various discussions seamlessly, so I recommend using them.




Are fires not being moved from initial to continuing? I still see klamathon in initial. Just wondering to make it easier for me to navigate to find thanks.