FTP site IAPs

I cant find any IAPs on the FTP site for any fires in Oregon . But I see them for California. Anyone know why ?

Recognize that the IAP’s are posted at the sole discretion of the IC or Team in charge of the incident. Most of the CalFire Teams will post theirs and the Federal IMT’s are becoming more lenient about posting theirs. In times past, the Fed Teams were reticent to post due to private information such as phone numbers are contained in the IAP’s. It may be that Oregon still is concerned with maintaining that confidentiality.


You will never see an IAP from a federal team on the ftp website. Usually only state teams post them.


A link to one of several hundred Fed IAPs on the FTP site.

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Yep , it must be more
Popular for R5 teams to post them .

I would like to see this discussion closed so that someone doesn’t notice and we lose the few FED IAPs that are on the FTP site.

Its a ridiculous argument because there is someone phone number on an IAP.

What about the 1000s of paper IAPs floating around camp, in the trash cans etc. Do those get shredded?

Everyone has your phone number it isnt a secret.

Rant over, I am glad CAL-FIRE is still doing it.


Good point

So they post one of there IAP’s. Remember they where in unified command with Calfire too.

Some do and some don’t, it’s that simple. There is no law or right which says that they have to. As was stated earlier, the posting of IAP’s onto the FTP is the sole discretion of the IC or Team in charge of the incident.

The FS is coming around with providing the IAP’s but it is not going to be an overnight change and just like a couple of CF Teams, they may never post the IAP’s.


All Cal-Fire IMTs post to a public domain.

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Where are Cal-Fire IAPs posted?

So, when the CF Teams or IC’s post IAP’s, and not all do, Team 6 who currently has the River is one of the Teams who have not regularly posted their IAP’s for public consumption, they are posted on the NIFC FTP server in a dedicated CALFIRE folder.

The CF folder links are here:


Keep in mind that the River is the first 2021 incident in which a CF IMT has been assigned, so right now, there is not much to see in the 2021 sub-folder.

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@Dozer_Keith Where are you getting your intel? CF Teams use Box.com to share their maps and iaps. Most of the time they will upload to FTP but they are always on box.com.

The reason you have not seen one yet is they just transitioned. The local type 3 org put one on a google drive.

Quite a few years ago while i was on the CF teams i made a push to standardize the current incident public folder address linked from each teams Box.com account.

So ww started doing this with Team 4 and it still exists today.


A few of the other teams did this too at the same time but could not for whatever reason get all the teams to so this.

Current teams that do this are 1, 2 and 4. Box.com gives you the ability to create a custom url.

Im not on CF teams anymore but was there at the beginning when we started with box.com and started using this custom url feature. I guess 50% of the teams is not a bad thing!