Go back one page mobile


How do I go back one page on mobile? Seems when I get into a thread there is no way to go back to Ca hotlist without just going to Home page


For me it just works to push the backwards triangle in the lower left on Android.


Here is what I did:
Top right tap your icon… hit the setting wheel…
Right side tap account… tap interface… set default… I have mine set to latest… so every time I hit home or the colored bar/triangle dohicky thingy… it takes me back to latest default. You can also set what your are monitoring like ca stuff only


Yeah on iPhone and the normal little triangle that is in the bottom left isn’t there. Found a workaround you tap the numbers on bottom right then navigate from there but a back button would be nice.


This is something that has been brought up on the admin end. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who would like a simple “back” feature. We’re trying to find a fix for it.