GOES 17 tutorial


I know GOES 16 and 17 are great tools and I’ve been trying to play with GOES 17 but I’m kinda in over my head. I’m looking for any tutorials that might be out there or anyone with useful tips. I’m mostly interested, obviously, in the fire side benefits of GOES. With all the options I cant seem to figure it out.


With : https://rammb-slider.cira.colostate.edu/?sat=goes-17&z=4&im=24&ts=1&st=0&et=0&speed=130&motion=loop&map=1&lat=0&opacity[0]=1&opacity[1]=0.5&opacity[2]=0.5&hidden[0]=0&hidden[1]=0&hidden[2]=0&pause=20190902064033&slider=-1&hide_controls=0&mouse_draw=0&follow_feature=0&follow_hide=0&s=rammb-slider&sec=full_disk&p[0]=geocolor&p[1]=fire_temperature&p[2]=cloud_geometric_thickness_cira_clavr-x&x=14199.5&y=3852 I have been playing with the controls on the left side


Thank you! I’ll check it out